A Wearable Designed to Help Those with ICD’s

A Wearable Designed to Help Those with ICD’s Welcome People with ICDs and their loved ones 🙂 I decided to write this post for the ICD community specifically, because you are the people that our ‘wearable’ is designed to help. I also wanted to introduce myself and to let you know about the mission we […]

The Hazards and Fragilities of Dr Google – Behavioural Science and Cyberchondria

Often the finger of blame is pointed at unverified information when tackling bad healthcare choices online. This explores the faults of verified sources and how behavioural science and better choice architecture can offer solutions. Presentation Outline. With 20 billion health related Google searches each month, information seeking online is thriving. Ask yourself if you have […]

Content & SEO the Forgotten Art of Medical Marketing

Slides and Slide Notes from Numerous Pharmaceutical Briefs.   Large scale marketing campaigns are very expensive and can achieve fast results. This does not mean that they are the best solution. Medical and pharmaceuticals in particular have a large budget for marketing. When you have a hammer -> Everything looks like a nail. Slide Notes: […]

Improving Medical Reporting and Communication

Why Medical Reporting from Verified Sources can be Just as Problematic for Patients. Teaching Point(s): The Negativity Bias, Audience Consideration, Outcome Optimisation. One of the most concerning areas in healthcare information online is that of the medical reporting. With almost daily regularity I read an article that is written with apparently no true understanding or […]

Healthcare Communication is Different Online

Healthcare Communication is Different Online There are thousands of books on doctor-patient communication. There are courses, seminars and modules during medical school all dedicated to healthcare communication. The content reflects the importance of communication in medicine. The ‘study’ of communication in medicine does not solely exist to ensure the patient has understood the diagnosis, upcoming […]