Content & SEO the Forgotten Art of Medical Marketing

Slides and Slide Notes from Numerous Pharmaceutical Briefs.


Large scale marketing campaigns are very expensive and can achieve fast results. This does not mean that they are the best solution. Medical and pharmaceuticals in particular have a large budget for marketing. When you have a hammer -> Everything looks like a nail.

Slide Notes:

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Large scale marketing campaigns are very expensive and can achieve fast results. This does not mean that they are the best solution. Medical and pharmaceuticals in particular have a large budget for marketing. When you have a hammer -> Everything looks like a nail.

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Immediate Impact of an expensive marketing plan will only last a short while after the financing of that plan has finished. Very few campaigns live long in the memory. You need a plan that remains relevant. Until Google goes out of fashion – ranking on Google will enforce your relevance and the relevance of your message.

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Do these 5 things and you will rank highly on google search results for your disease / keyword of choice.

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Most desired outcomes can be achieved through educational content. You can use content with clear sales or marketing based messages but the most organic looking platform for informing and influencing is an educational piece of content. Ideas for content:  Symptom and Potential Diagnosis Page, Drug mechanism, Patient Advocacy Groups and Anecdotes, How to get diagnosed, Prevalence, Future Therapies and Current Research. Minimum 3 pieces of content.

Slide 6.

Minimum 3 pieces of educational content that sit naturally together. For example Symptoms, Disease Mechanism and Treatment Option pages. This is the minimum you will require to execute the next 3 steps successfully. Feels Natural. Three opportunities for 1 message or multiple messages.

Slide 7.

Use Anchor Text in each page of content pointing to the other pages of content. The Anchor text tells Google what each page is about. Use these to highlight the keywords that you want to rank for. 2/3 links out to your pages not over use. Build in anchor text and links from any additional webpages you have at your disposal.

Slide 8.

Much in the same way that Anchor Text  on your own site helps tell google what your content is about and who it is aimed at, links into your website also do this but with another massive benefit.  Each website that links to your site give your site ‘points’ the more points you have the higher you rank. The points from a single link from a reputable site such as wikipedia will greatly outweigh those from a friends blog page but they all have value and help you to rank on google.  Ideas how to get Links from other sites: Guest posts, content creation for 3rd party sites, point out you are a great resource and ask, social media, Wikipedia entry, Web directories and more will naturally come following SEO ranking. Build a good relationship and you can even request the anchor text you wish the third party to use when building in your link to their website.

Slide 9.

Websites are simply files that a web browser is able to read and interpret. Within those files there is data that contributes to what the website looks like and how it behaves (jazascript etc).  There is also other data called Metadata. This is information about the website that is not there for display purposes – indeed the viewer will never see it unless they use special software. This information tells anyone accessing the files what the website is about. They also affect how your website appears on google – the metadata ‘descriptio’ appears just below the Page Title in Google results. Metadata exists for many things but focus on: Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords. There is claims that they are no longer used to help rank pages – but good practice cannot harm. Make sure you have your metadata inline with your content keywords, subject and objective. Metadata is a freebie chance to influence search engine ranking – make your metadata congruent with your message.

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