How Data Science and AI is lost without Behavioural Science

Are there two finer examples of ‘hot topics’ than Data and Artificial Intelligence in history? Together they have the potential to supercharge humanity and take us to unchartered scientific predictive and scientific advances. Data scientists are provided data and they set to work devising an algorithm that can provide insights and connections a human simply could not compute.

Data Needs Direction

However using data science and artificial intelligence without behavioural science is like buying a Ferrari and limiting its top speed. You have a nice tool but you will not be getting the most from it.

I work closely with a data science company ‘Digital Dandelion’ yet I have no data science skills, so what is it that I offer that they need?

Companies and associations all over the world are using behavioural science to boost their data science initiatives and if you are not doing so, then you are missing out.

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