About Me – Kristian Webb

Kristian Webb is a Healthcare Technologist and Communication Expert. His patient centred approach has been pivotal in multiple successful ventures since starting his first healthcare website in 2013. He has been rewarded with numerous remarkable professional accolades, awards and achieved several world firsts in the field of online education.
Qualifying as a Cardiac Physiologist in 2013, Kristian (like all good healthcare professionals) was using Google to source healthcare information. He stumbled across a host of inaccurate information that could harm a patients mental wellbeing. Motivated by his concerns, he started his own website aimed at patients affected by cardiovascular disease. As is his way, Kristian immersed himself in the world of healthcare communication, search engine optimisation and link building. His website soon gathered momentum, grew in size and started outranking Medtronic (a multi-billion pound company) on Google for their own product searches. Since then Kristian has not looked back, taking and creating a whole host of unique opportunities that come from being a ‘thought leader in healthcare communication’.

CEO LOIS Medical Ltd

LOIS Medical LTD is a patient centered healthcare technology company. We are built on the belief that patients can still be better informed and given greater control of their disease states. It is well documented that patients with greater control, decision making and involvement in their therapy have improved healthcare outcomes, yet this approach is still widely overlooked in healthcare. Our breakthrough product ‘LOIS’ is a novel sensor and alert system for patients who have Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICD’s).  READ MORE HERE…

Innovate UK Competition Winner

Cannes Lions Healthcare Agency of the Year

Associate Scientific Director HAVAS LYNX

HAVAS LYNX MEDICAL is a world leading medical education and scientific exchange agency. The agency focuses on improving patient care through world-class medical education and the facilitation of information exchange between the scientific, clinical and pharmaceutical communities. I am extremely pleased to have been appointed as Associate Scientific Director at HAVAS LYNX. The role provides a platform where I can use my healthcare communications experience in helping others communicate their messages. HAVAS LYNX have shown themselves to be thought leaders in their approach to healthcare communications which was recognised with multiple Cannes Lions Awards, including ‘Healthcare Agency of the Year’ in 2018. READ MORE HERE…

Course Author & Educator Medmastery.com

Medmastery is “highly commended” by the British Medical Association (BMA). The annual Medical Book Awards of the BMA recognizes outstanding contributions to medical literature. And for the second time around, Medmastery won the renowned Comenius Award from the Society for Pedagogy, Information and Media (GPI). The GPI awards outstanding digital educational products. In 2014 I received an email from Franz Weisbauer owner of Medmastery.com offering me the opportunity to produce a the pacemaker and ICD courses for this platform. In 2017 after a huge amount of hard work creating over 100 bite size video lessons created the application was made for CME Accreditation on courses. ICD Essentials and Pacemaker Essentials were both successful. To this day (and to the best of my knowledge), I am the only independent Cardiac Physiologist to have created CME accredited courses. An achievement that I am truly proud of and grateful to Franz and his team for their support and fantastic platform.

2 x CME Accredited Cardiology Courses

One lesson from my Pacemaker Course. I received CME accreditaion for this and the follow up ICD Course I produced. No other Cardiac Physiologist in the World has accomplished this.

Dr Google – Behavioural Science Vs Cyberchondria

In 2013 I started building a Cardiology based patient information website, Cardiology being my specialism. The website grew and I was getting great results with over 3 million hits in my best year. This was aided by a large group of pacemaker patients that relentlessly consumed my content and returned to my site time and again. I was doing something that the patients liked – but I had not fully identified it.

Then came an episode of Homeland on HBC. In the episode the president of the United States of America was killed by a person who hacked his pacemaker wirelessly and made it malfunction.

It was not long after that I realised I did not just have the attention of the patient population but I also affected their behaviour. This is what I was doing differently. The way I wrote influenced the reader. READ MORE HERE…

The Ebooks I wrote under the Pen Name Carl Robinson – I used a Pseudonym because I was unsure about communicating directly with patients online – I need not have worried.

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