How To Create Powerful Point of Sale Forms and Leave Pieces

Point of Sale Documents and Leave Pieces are hugely important in the success of your business. Have you been disappointed with the conversion rate of your documents? This playbook outlines my approach to your marketing materials and how to utilise behavioural science to improve your conversion rate and grow your top line.


  1. Purpose
    When starting a project we need to clarify what we are trying to achieve so we can achieve it.
  2. Measure MDO’s
    We then look to measure your current position. In order to know how we have progressed our clients we like to measure where they are before we help out. Then we can also be accountable for our our actions.
  3. Form Analysis & Deconstruction
    No point reinventing the wheel – where available we will utilise the documents your have in place and analyse them from 4 key considerations. Brand, UX, Sludge and Nudge. Sludge and Nudge begin our behavioural science process and were terms coined by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein, the modern day Godfathers of popular behavioural science and behavioural economics.
  4. Form Creation – Design by Science
    Using what we learned in step 3, we create not one but two forms designed to achieve your most desirable outcome. Like non-identical twins they share the same background and creation process but look very different. This is because A/B testing remains an integral step in what we do.
  5. Deploy & Measure
    Time to deploy the forms with facilities to measure their impact. We are always accountable for our work and we are confident that you will see a higher conversion rate. Measuring the impact allows us to prove it but also allows for deeper analysis. You can use online metrics even to measure physical forms and documents.
  6. Data and AI
    It is essential that we provide a deeper and more scientific analysis of the conversion data. This allows for sub group analysis and glocalisation. The lessons learned in this stage can be applied all across your business.

If you wish to have a free consultation for form design, or are unhappy with your current marketing materials then send us an email.